The cabin/tiny house idea is born

Seven years ago Dean & I met through an on-line dating site. The attraction was immediate for both of us. I know – eye roll. We both felt we were meant to be together. Yeah, sounds kind of sappy but it’s true. We think so much alike, have similar ideas & dreams. We knew we should be together.

Dean lived in a small town with the youngest of his four children. I lived in the city with my one son, my older son was living out of the country at the time. Eager to start our life together I moved to the farm with Dean & his boys. Yes country life was a shock to this city girl! I had grown up on a farm as a girl but had left after graduating high school. It was different as a child on the farm, I lived with my family and that’s all I knew. As a grown woman moving to a farm by a small town was something I wasn’t prepared for. Every store & restaurant closing at 7 or 9:00pm. I was used to going for late night coffee or shopping at any time. The city never closed! Eventually I got used to the “way” of a small town.

The farm I moved to was Dean’s grandparents homestead. His grandparents lived here, worked up the land and made it into what it is today. Eventually Dean’s parents moved here and lived here for a few years. Dean was in the process of a divorce and moved into the small town of Ste. Rose du Lac. He was living in a three bedroom trailer with his four children. As his dad had recently passed away, Dean and his mother decided to “switch” houses. Mom moved into the trailer by herself and Dean moved out to the five bedroom house on the farm. Eventually Dean’s two oldest kids moved out and he was left with the two youngest boys.

We decided for his kids, it would be easier if I moved to be with Dean. My son stayed behind in the city with his father. My one son was 150 kms away and a quick two hour drive to get back to see anytime I wanted to see him.

The move to the farm was quite easy. Lots of room for all my stuff. This house was Dean’s parent’s house, the farm was his grandparent’s property. Lots of family history living here. Dean’s uncle comes out to visit and tell stories of growing up here.

Also the happy memories we would share of our childhood about our grandparents got us to start thinking of living simpler, like in the “olden days”.

We both decided we’d like to live in a cabin or tiny house. We like the house we live in but it’s just not us. It’s an open concept house and just doesn’t feel like it’s our house. We’d like a fireplace, cause there’s nothing quite like wood burning heat. Heats you right down to the bone! We both remember that from when we were young kids. We’d like a small space so Dean won’t have too many rooms to keep filling with stuff he “might need one day”. When actually, he has so much stuff, he doesn’t know where to find it!

We started talking about building a tiny house. Talking about building a cabin. Lots of talking of what we’d like. Other ideas came up also. Ideas of a rocket stove, solar panels, living off the grid. All kinds of ways to have a simpler life and hopefully quit our jobs & live off the land. lol  Yes we have big dreams. Hopefully one day we can accomplish all of our dreams.

This is our journey of getting our own “cabin”/tiny house.

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