Realistic Tips for Saving Money Over the Holidays

We all know that one person who has all their Christmas shopping done in July while we’re still struggling to get our act together in the middle of December! Struggle no more, here are some realistic tips to get you back on track and have a Merry Christmas while saving some cash over the holidays.

  1. Make a Budget. First of all knowing how much money you actually have to spend on gifts and groceries makes it so much easier to plan for the holidays. Add up how much you plan to spend on gifts, groceries, etc. Once you have the number amount in your head, you’re more aware of spending.
  2. Make a Shopping List. It’s easy to get to the store and start picking up all kinds of presents & groceries, we do this all the time and find we’ve gone over the budget. Before leaving home, make a list of all the people you need to buy presents for & what ideas you have for each person. Make a list of the meals you’re planning over the holidays and break that list down into groceries needed. Sticking to the list saves time from wandering the store & randomly grabbing things you don’t need. This also helps keep to your budget.
  3. Buying on-line is a great time & money saver. Not to mention more peaceful than being in a store full of people! Lots of stores, Amazon & eBay have great on-line deals & quick delivery times so it makes sense to shop from home.
  4. If you feel the need to get out among the rest of the population and enter stores, check store flyers for deals. Since stores want customers to buy, they offer weekly or daily deals.
  5. Shop at dollar stores for stocking stuffers, gift bags, wrapping paper and lots of other much needed holiday items. These stores usually have the same items as brand name stores at a fraction of the price.
  6. Cut back on the “extras” for the holiday season & use that money on gifts, groceries etc. The extras might be eating out, buying coffee etc. If you add up buying coffee 5 times a week, that equals to about $15. That saving could go towards a gift you need to buy or groceries.
  7. Shop in the discontinued & reduced aisles of the store. This is a good place to get clothes, toys & even food at lower prices and will save you money.
  8. Most cities/towns have a buy & sell on Facebook where you can buy new or used items.

Over the years I’ve followed these tips and have felt better about our Christmas spending & stayed on budget. I hope these tips will help you save money over this holiday season. Merry Christmas!

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