Auctions & getting our “cabin/tiny house”

We talked about different cabin/tiny house ideas. Dean spent hours & hours searching the web for house blueprints. There’s lots of ideas out there! Ready to assemble houses, tiny house communities, and small house designs……it went on & on. Almost overwhelming, all the choices out there. We were unsure what we wanted after seeing all there was to offer.

One of Dean’s favorite pastimes is auction sales. On-line or in person, he’s addicted! The thrill of getting something that was a good deal.

One Saturday at a farm auction, Dean & I saw an old hunting shack that was being auctioned off. It was exactly what we both wanted in a cabin/tiny home. It was rectangular in shape and came with an old fire cook stove. We were excited! We started talking about how we could put the bedroom on one side. Put up a wall & have the big area for the living room, kitchen and a little bathroom off to the side. We were excited and couldn’t wait to get it home but first we had to win the bidding on it. The bidding started off with quite a few bidders. Slowly as the price went higher & higher, people dropped out of the bidding. Soon it was just ourselves and one other man bidding. We decided our highest bid would be $3,000. The bid got to 3,000 so we decided 4,000 would be ok, we could still afford that amount and the cost of getting the shack home. The closer we got to $5,000 we realized that was too much to pay for it and dropped out of the bidding. Of course we were sad. It was perfect & had a fire burning stove in it! That day we went home sad but still knew we’d find the perfect cabin/tiny home we wanted.

In May of 2015 we were at another auction. A farmer was retiring and had lots of farming items up for sale. As we took a look around we saw a beautiful cook stove, and granaries. Dean’s eye lit up about the granaries – that could be our cabin/tiny house! It was well built and the perfect size! We could easily get it fixed up to how we wanted it. We could bid on the stove and have our tiny home/cabin all from one auction! Yep, we got a bit carried away and caught up in the moment. It was very exciting for us, you can’t blame us, it’s good to have dreams!

The auction continued and the stove sold for an amount way above our budget. Not a big deal, we could find another one. On to the granaries. Dean does the bidding for us. Mostly cause I can’t keep up with the back & forth and what the auctioneer is saying, unless he’s saying the amount slow and clear. The bidding is going back and forth between Dean and another man. Dean got to $250.00 and the other man stopped bidding. Yipee!! We got our cabin! Such a good feeling to know we’ll be starting our project soon.

The granary is 10 x 14 and in great shape & solid. Built in 1969 which was a sign to us as I was born in that year also. It’s got to be a good year!

We made arrangements to come back another day to get the granary. That day our drive home, we were so excited and couldn’t stop talking about our new project. Our new cabin/tiny house! Just to get it home!?

interior granary


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