Technology isn’t just for young people…..

I don’t think of myself as old. I think I keep up to date with modern technology. Sadly, I’m wrong. It seems every day there is some new technology or newer versions of everything that I know nothing about. I’m constantly googling terms or new products if I have no idea what it is. I also ask my two sons what things are and what it does. Yes I get a lot of eye rolls from them and make sure to only ask them if I can’t find an answer with google.

For years I’ve had an IPhone. Recently our phone provider was bought by Bell Canada. As a result customers were given an option of continuing with Bell MTS (the new name) or transferring over to Telus. I was the lucky one who had gotten a package in the mail from Telus. At first I didn’t want to switch over. After talking things over with my husband, I decided I would switch over. I went to the Telus office and talked about my options. I could keep my IPhone and get a package with them or I could get a new phone and package. At the time I was having issues with my IPhone and decided a new phone is what I needed. I picked out the phone I wanted, nothing to fancy, something simple. I got a Galaxy A5. The young man who helped me was very friendly and answered all my questions. I was confident I could learn the new phone and be happy with it. Oh boy was I wrong. This phone was nothing like what I was used to. I was tapping, swiping and that did nothing. I had to read tutorials on “How To Use” a Galaxy phone and it wasn’t so bad after all.

Apparently, Android phones operating systems are named after candies and chocolate bars. I wasn’t prepared that every time I search for anything for Android I craved a sweet snack! Now that I know the basics of my phone, it was time to get some apps on it. I downloaded the basics; Facebook, email, Instagram and the weather network. Did I just say the weather network?? Oh no, I am old! Only “old” people constantly check the weather! Or as I’ve started to think of it as being prepared for my day.

A friend of mine was telling me about Snapchat and how it’s so much fun and I should try it. Once again I’m learning something new. Don’t get me wrong, I like learning new things but all this learning for funny pictures and videos. Ok?! I can tell you my son was surprised when I asked for his info to add him on Snapchat. We’ve had a few good snaps between us!

My husband Dean had a “water” incident with his Blackberry and got a new phone. An IPhone. I can certainly help him with his phone. Feels good to be the person that knows a lot about a phone.

Years ago my grandparents moved from their farm into a small town. On the farm they didn’t have a telephone. After moving to town, they had to have a telephone. That was what my mom wanted for her parents. I remember being at their new house when the phone rang for the first time. My grandparents were both surprised. Neither of them wanted to answer the phone. They ignored it, as if it wasn’t ringing or as if it wasn’t there. They were happy seeing people in person to talk and not be bothered with a telephone. Being a young teenager, I thought it was funny how they didn’t want to use the phone or talk to anyone. We used our phone all the time. It wasn’t a big deal, just keeping up with the technology of the time. I realize, I’m now like my grandparents. The new technology of today, at times, is hard for me to understand and I’d prefer to ignore it, just like they ignored the ringing of their new telephone. Maybe not, it seems I’ve gotten a few Snapchat notifications while writing this. Time to send some Snaps!

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