Getting the Granary home – now what?

Our idea of a tiny house/cabin ended up being an old granary we got at an auction. It was perfect for what we wanted. Dean & I met my dad at the auction site to get it ready to transport home, some 100 kms away. My dad had moved quite a few buildings over his lifetime and we knew he’d be the man to help us. Not saying Dean didn’t know what to do, being a retired rancher, he also moved many buildings and other farming items. We just needed more manpower and like Dean said, my dad might have better ideas to get the move done.

Dad’s suggestion was to jack it up at one side, slide beams to support the granary and jack the other side. Back & forth until it was off the ground enough to get the moving trailer under it. We, I say we but actually dad & Dean did the work. I was the helper who brought them items they needed. They secured the granary to the moving trailer and we headed home.

The trip home was uneventful, meaning nothing came loose or flew off. I had never helped move a big building like that before and wasn’t so sure the chains and strapping would hold it in place. Obviously Dean & dad knew what they were doing. I was impressed by the process!

We arrived at our acreage and found a good spot to park. Dean wanted the granary off the ground to keep it from rotting and to be able to move our new project if we needed to. Dean had a stack mover from his ranching days and knew it would be strong enough to hold the weight of the granary.

Here’s where the scary part starts. Dean wanted to move the granary off the moving trailer onto the stack mover. My dad had gone home and it was just Dean & myself. Yes I can help a bit but I have no clue what would need to be done with such a big move. I suggested we get a friend over to help. Dean being Dean, didn’t want help – “we’ll be fine” he said. I wasn’t so sure. With Dean on the tractor and me standing off to the side praying it would all work out and no one would get hurt, he started to maneuver the granary off the trailer onto the stack mover. Yep, it worked. The granary fit perfectly on the stack mover. At times Dean’s ideas are not the safest and it scares me a bit when he does things I have no idea about. Usually when Dean & I do our projects, nothing goes smooth for us. Anything that can go wrong, usually does.

Bringing the granary home went well. Maybe because dad had helped us or because we prayed that it would be an easy move, whatever the reason – it all worked out!

A few years earlier Dean & I went to Virginia to visit my son. For part of the trip we stayed in a cabin in the woods by a small town called Floyd. This was the first trip we had taken together and we have great memories of the trip. We loved the cabin we stayed in and wanted a place like that for us. Bringing the granary home made us think of that cabin in Virginia and how peaceful and relaxing it was. To make us feel like we did on that trip we started to call our granary, the cabin.

Now the work starts on the cabin.


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