Quick Steps to Clean Your House Before the Holidays

Let’s face it with our busy lives, cleaning the house is the last thing we think of after a busy day of work.  We’ve put it off and now the family Christmas get together is tomorrow and the house needs to get cleaned. Here’s a quick but effective way to get the place looking good in no time.

You can enlist the help of family members to help with the cleanup. The joke in our house is there’s the kid’s way of cleaning, my husband’s way of cleaning and then there’s my way of cleaning (the right way!). Not that I don’t appreciate everyone pitching in to help clean but sometimes they just don’t see the obvious – socks on the floor or the rotting food under the bed!

I’ve found the following steps help with a quick cleanup.

  1. Start in one room and pick things off the floor. Once you’ve finished in that room, move to the next room, etc. If you know you’ll only be entertaining in certain rooms, just clean those rooms. Close the doors to other rooms and that should hopefully keep people out.
  2. Dust the furniture in every room. A good idea is to use a duster that the dust clings to and not just spreads it around. Don’t forget ceiling fans and window ledges.
  3. In the bathroom put away items off the counter top. Spray down the bathroom with cleaning solution – the sink and counter top, the toilet and tub. This allows the cleaning solution to work while you’re cleaning the rest of the house.
  4. In the living room clean off end and coffee tables. Check for lost items under couch and chair cushions. If it’s a real mess under the cushions, vacuuming is the best way to remove crumbs etc. Fluff decorative throw pillows. If your furniture is a bit worn, cover it with a festive throw.
  5. I find vacuuming the floors much easier than sweeping. Using the vacuum wand is helpful to get in corners, behind doors and under cushions.
  6. At entrances, straighten floor mats and shoes. If you have a closet, make sure you have enough hangers for your guest’s coats. Put backpacks and bags on the shelf in the closet.
  7. On to the kitchen. Put dirty dishes in the dishwasher or wash them. Clean off the counter tops, islands and all other areas. Wipe down the counters, stove, island, fridge door handle and light switches. The fridge door handle and light switches are the most used area of the kitchen and tend to get forgotten when cleaning. Empty garbage bin. Using a bit of baking soda in the bottom of the garbage bin absorbs smells.
  8. Back to the bathroom to clean. Start with the cleaner areas first – counters and sink, door handle and light switch. Next clean the tub and shower. Lastly clean the toilet. Empty garbage bin.
  9. Wash all the floors.

All finished. A nice clean house ready for your family holiday entertaining. Hopefully this list will make your cleanup faster.

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