Raising the Roof – Not as Hard as You’d Think

The cabin is in our yard and now we have to decide how we wanted the interior to be set up. For the most part we wanted an open concept with a small bathroom. In such a small space having a bunch of rooms just didn’t make sense. Dean & I decided a loft would be a great idea for our sleeping area. We set up a make-shift loft with sheets of plywood at the back of the cabin. Using a ladder, we both got up there. We wanted to see how that space would feel when both of us were up there. For me there was lots of room but for Dean, being 6’1, he didn’t quite have enough room. We laid down in the area we would be putting our bed. When Dean sat up, he was almost hitting his head to the ceiling. While he was awake he’d be aware the ceiling being close but in a sleepy fog in the middle of the night, he might not remember that it was so close & he’d hit his head. Dean decided we could raise the roof 6 inches and that would give lots of space in the loft area.

Raising a roof was something I’d never seen before but good old Dean had done it before and knew what to do. I was there to hand him the tools he needed or go get him beer, coffee or whatever else he needed. I’m such a good helper! Ok, I do try to help but for the most part I take pictures and wander off until I can actually help. If I can’t help Dean, I tend to find a cat to play with or take pictures. As I was picking pictures to post on here, I noticed I had quite a few of our cats.

Just to be clear, Dean is a retired rancher who has over 30 years’ experience doing these kinds of projects by himself or with his dad. He’s not a certified carpenter but my dad is. Before doing certain tasks we’d check with my dad to make sure we weren’t totally messing things up. Of course he’d let us know if the ideas were totally wrong.

Dean started by using a sawzall reciprocating saw to cut the roof from the walls. He cut around the whole building and the roof was now free to be blown off by that little bit of wind that was blowing that day, or so I thought. Dean assured me that the little bit of wind wasn’t strong enough to blow the roof off. He was right. Next we put jacks along the top of the walls and jacked up the roof. Putting in pieces of wood to hold the roof up, until all the sides were up high enough. Dean put in solid planks to be the new wall. He secured those planks with pieces of wood on the outside so nothing moved and screwed and anchored the planks on the inside. A couple of the long planks came out past the front wall and they will be used as part of our porch roof.

I have to say this whole process was very interesting. I’m definitely learning a lot with this project of ours.

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