Slow but steady wins the race, I hope

Now that the holidays are over, it’s time to get back on track. Eating healthy and getting active. Before the holidays we started on a Mediterranean diet and liked it. We’re picking up where we left off and enjoying some of those recipes and new ones this week.

My husband, Dean told me the new meals we’re cooking are great and he can definitely continue with this eating pattern. No processed foods and mostly vegetables and whole foods. This isn’t like a diet at all and I’m sure we’ll notice a loss in weight in a couple months. Occasionally we cheat & have cookies or cheezies but overall we’ve been doing good following our new healthy eating.

Another area we need to get back on track with is getting more active. The last month or so, we’ve been busy and haven’t exercised much at all. We have lots of exercise equipment but haven’t really been using it regularly either. Hopefully this week we’ll set up a schedule and get that equipment going again.

Last year we took Iyengar yoga classes and felt real good and quite flexible after those classes. Our teacher Lisa, was amazing. She knew everyone’s injuries and modified poses so we could do them without being in pain.  This week I’ve been doing some of these yoga poses at home. I’m not as flexible as I was a year ago but hopefully if I continue I’ll get back to that state of flexibility. I also did some stretching and arm exercises with a resistance band. I have sciatic problems and broke my arm when I was younger and find some exercise machines a bit difficult to do. I have been also doing exercises and stretches I got from my physiotherapist. I felt a bit sore after my little work-out. I don’t want to overdo it with the exercising and get discouraged so I’m taking it slow.

This past weekend it snowed a bit and Dean & I went outside and shoveled. Shoveling snow is a great way of getting exercise. It wasn’t too much snow, just enough to keep us busy for about two hours. The temperature was -21 degrees Celsius and with the wind-chill it was more like -33. During our time outside shoveling, we felt great and decided to take a walk from the house to the corral and back, about 2 kms. It was a great workout trudging through the freshly fallen snow. It was a nice time outside walking with Dean and seeing how beautiful the trees and snow looked.

Today I did some tummy exercises and physio stretches. I got foot cramps during some exercises but I didn’t let that stop me from doing the workout. I got through that exercise session and feel great! I’m motivated now and hopefully can keep up with my daily exercises.

A couple interesting yoga classes available in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Unfortunately we live three hours away from Winnipeg or Dean would be signing up for the beer yoga class!

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