DIY – saving money – change your vehicle oil Yourself!

Something we do to save money and feel more self-sufficient is changing oil in our vehicles. Mostly my husband Dean does the oil changing. I’ve helped him in the past, passing tools but decided I wanted to learn to do this task myself.

Yesterday afternoon I decided it was time to change the oil in my truck. I was going to do all the work and Dean would watch and help if I needed it.

Since the garage is full of Dean’s stuff, we had to change the oil in the truck outside. Dean drove the truck up onto the ramps and was ready for me to get the job done. First up I had to get under the truck. I found myself a large piece of wood to lay on & slide under the truck all ready to get the job done. Since I’ve never been under a vehicle before, I had no idea where anything was located. Dean gave me good instructions and I found the oil pan easily.

Dean said once I took the drain plug off the oil pan, the dirty old oil would come flooding out and I should be prepared to have that oil all over my arm. Since I didn’t want a huge oil mess on myself, I slowly turned the plug a couple cranks with the wrench and it came off easily and the oil went straight into the drain pan. As it drained I moved to the other side and was looking for the oil filter. The new filter was red but the one on the truck was white, had me confused for a few minutes.

Dean explained different company oil filters are different colors. The mechanic who last changed the oil, used a white filter. Once I found it, Dean told me there would be a bit of oil dripping out as I took the old filter off. Since I didn’t want oil dripping on me, I maneuvered myself on the other side of the truck. I slowly turned the old filter and got it off. Once again without getting oil all over myself. I put the new filter on and was happy with how smoothly this new experience was going for me. I put the drain plug back on the oil pan and got out from under the truck.

Next up was to put new oil in. I poured the jug in and waited until it all drained in. I checked the oil level and it was good.

It was a great feeling of accomplishment, my first time changing the oil in my truck. Now I don’t need to wait for my husband to do this for me, it’s something I can do for myself. It makes me happy to learn something new and save us some money.


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