Seed Planting Time – Creative Items to Use as Seed Pots

It’s that time of year again, time to start indoor planting veggie and flower seeds. Spring will be here in about 4 months and seeing these plants starting to grow seems to make the days go by faster until I can be outside digging in the dirt. I worked at a greenhouse and that was my favorite job ever. It was more fun than a job because I was taking care of plants, one of my favorite things to do. I learned a lot from working at the greenhouse and try to use that knowledge when I plant seeds at home.

At the greenhouse they use a higher quality seed and that makes for a better start for the seedlings. I usually get the seeds from local stores – Wal-Mart, Co-op, Safeway and even Dollarama. I haven’t found I have better luck with certain seed brands like other people have told me they do.

This year I’m starting tomatoes, cucumbers, petunias, peppers, pumpkins and watermelons indoors. Maybe I’ll get more flowers to plant. Who am I kidding, of course I’ll get more flowers to plant – I love flowers and decorating our deck with them.

Other years I’ve tried to have all the supplies ready for the day I’m planting the seeds but sometimes I plant more seeds than I have seed pots for. Since we live out in the country, jumping in the car and quickly going to the store to get more pots isn’t an option. I’ve been creative over the years and here’s a list of things I’ve used to start my seeds in:

  1. potting containers
  2. toilet paper tubes – folded into the shape of a little pot
  3. egg cartons
  4. newspaper – folded into the shape of a little pot
  5. ice cube trays – with a small hole in the bottom for drainage
  6. milk cartons
  7. soda bottles – with a small hole in the bottom for drainage
  8. yogurt/pudding cups – with a small hole in the bottom for drainage

I find once the plants get a bit bigger and need to be transplanted into a larger container, recyclable and degradable material is best to be planted directly into the dirt. Planting the seeds directly into these kinds of containers means less handling of the delicate plant and less chance of them getting broken and die.

Now that I have my containers and potting soil, I’m ready to plant! I get such a happy feeling planting the seeds, the creation of something we’re going to eat and use for canning is so rewarding. The seeds are planted and on the dining room table, right beside a window waiting for the warmth of the sun to get those seeds growing.

I’m also using AeroGraden 3. It uses water and seed pods with a grow light above the seed pods. It’s a handy garden tool as it lights up when I need to add more nutrients instead of me guessing.

I can’t wait for these seeds to start sprouting!

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