Valentine’s Day – Love Needs to be Shown All Year Long, Not Just One Day

When I was younger and single and it was Valentine’s Day I always felt awful. I had no one to spend the day with. No one to receive gifts, flowers or chocolates from. Now that I’m older and have a significant other, I realize Valentine’s Day is a money-making holiday. I’m sure lots of people would agree with that statement. It’s also a day that makes single people feel bad for being single. Which they shouldn’t.

My husband, Dean and I don’t need a specific day to show our love for each other. As mature (most of the time) adults, we don’t need to be reminded to express how we feel for each other by having a holiday tell us we should. Some of my single friends hate this day. They feel extremely happy being single and hate the questions on Valentine’s Day “what are you doing for this special day” or “oh, it’s too bad you’re spending the day by yourself”. For them it’s just another day.

Dean and I do things all year long to show our love and appreciation for each other. I think it’s the everyday gestures that mean much more than waiting for one specific day. We like to do little things like leave notes in each other’s lunches or pockets, get each other their favorite treats – Dean likes cheezies and I like donuts. We’ve also had special days together throughout the year besides Valentine’s Day.

Dean’s a funny guy. Funny as in he notices when I have chocolate and other snacks hidden on my night stand but didn’t notice that I put up the 6 foot Christmas tree until I asked how it looked. The Christmas tree was about 12 feet away from him, beside the t.v. but he didn’t see it. Not sure how he didn’t see it, but that’s Dean. As part of showing my love and appreciation for Dean throughout the year and to see if he’s paying attention I’ve done a few extra special things for him. He wears a name tag with his picture on it to work. One day I put a Scooby Doo sticker on Dean’s face on his name tag. Nope he didn’t notice until someone mentioned it to him. Once again, how doesn’t he notice things? He had to put the name tag on his shirt. Other things I do for Dean is to make appointments for him to get massages. Get his car washed and cleaned for him. Jump out of closets and scare him. Ok, that’s not showing love or appreciation for him but it’s fun for me to see him jump!

There are no plans for Valentine’s Day this year. No chocolates or flowers. It will be just like every other day – go to work, come home, have supper and talk about our day and get ready for the next day. We won’t be told by a calendar to show our love to each other on this specific day. We share our love for each other every day of the year.


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