People Watching – fun way to pass the time

Have you ever been in a waiting room or on a park bench and watched the people around you? I have. It’s interesting. The young people so absorbed with their phones that a bomb could go off beside them and they wouldn’t notice. Or the loving couple holding hands and talking softly to each other. What about the older couple that look irritated at each other.

It’s interesting watching people. Wondering what their lives are like. Wondering what kind of job they have. What struggles they are going through. Where they live. What do they do for fun. Seems ridiculous I know but I’ve done that. Looked at a person and wondered all about their life.

Some people look put together perfectly. Perfect hair, perfect outfit, perfect behavior. Is that a cover up for something not so right in their life? I often wonder about people. Sometimes I have decided everything about a person and never talked to them. I know their whole lives. Or what I think their life should be.

Watching people is interesting. When people don’t know others are watching, the things they do. There’s the typical gross stuff, picking noses and inappropriate scratching or rubbing. Have you ever seen someone reading something on their phones or laptops and see the faces they make while reading. The happy face. Confused. Totally disgusted. Embarrassed.

How about seeing two people together and wondering what their relationship was, if it wasn’t obvious. Could they be old high school friends. Co-workers. Lovers. A friend trying to one up the other friend.

Recently, my husband Dean and I were staying at a hotel. I noticed two men together a few times during our stay. I had to tell Dean about them and get his input about what he thought their relationship was. They didn’t look like a couple, there wasn’t anything intimate about their behavior. They didn’t seem to be close friends as they weren’t laughing or smiling any of the times we saw them. I decided that the older man was sick and the other man was his nurse. They were getting out of the city for the weekend. Really I have no idea about those men and I was guessing about their lives.

People watching is a fun way to make the time go by and guess about other people lives. I wonder what people think when they see me?!

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