Struggling to Keep on Track

I was doing so good for a few weeks. I exercised every day and felt great. But, I missed doing my exercises for a couple of days and now the days have turned into two weeks. Ugh. Just those couple of days not exercising has set me back and I can’t seem to get back into it.

I’ve done lots of walking these past two weeks and think to myself – at least I’m getting some kind of exercise. Walking is easy and gets me moving. According to my phone I’ve walked 9,140 steps in one day. Wow! My phone has an exercise app and keeps me aware of how active or not active I am.

I had decided to do my exercises and stretching the same time every day and that kept me on track. One day we had other things to do during that time and I told myself I could do the exercises the next day. Well the next day we were babysitting the grandchildren. Let me tell you, exercising with kids under 4 years old isn’t fun at all. Keeping them focused and off of me was harder than I had thought. No exercise that day. It snowed one day so I moved snow with the snow blower and shoveled. That was a good workout for me. Also causing me to hurt my back struggling to control the snow blower. I have back issues and try not to let that excuse keep me from doing things. I could tell I had worked my back and leg too much with the two plus hours clearing snow. I had to take it easy for a day after that and that meant not doing exercises.

I feel shoveling snow and walking are great forms of exercise but I need exercises to strengthen my body. I’ve read that women in their late 40’s need muscle strengthening exercises and I need to get doing them. I have tried to do simple tasks and feel “weak”. It’s not fun when a grandchild needs a juice bottle opened and I can’t open it. I needed to give cough syrup to one grandson. Do you think I could get that bottle opened?? Nope! I don’t think it was because I wasn’t strong enough, I think those darn child proof caps just don’t come off!

I’m having daily pep talks with myself about getting back on track. I need to stop being lazy and finding excuses to not exercise. I can do it! You can do it! I’m sure we’ll all feel better after a little work out.

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