Looking forward to spring & getting back in the garden – 98 days to go

Today has been the nicest day in weeks this winter. With the sun shining so bright I can’t stop thinking of getting out into my veggie and flower gardens. Of course it will be about three months before I can get outside to do anything. After all the snows melted. Lots of people in this area plant their gardens May long weekend, I don’t. There have been years we get snow that long weekend. I have no desire to be out in the snow planting my garden so I wait until the beginning of June.

I’ve been thinking of my flower beds. In the fall I divided and moved lots of perennials to different spots. I’m hoping they have rooted well & will survive this cold winter. I also want to plant pink daisies and pink coneflowers along the side of the house by the other tall white daisies. I’ve got it all planned in my head. I can’t wait to get outside and start digging.

The seeds I’ve planted indoors have started to sprout. I planted some in potting soil and some in my Aerogarden 3. The Aerogarden 3 seeds are growing quickly and I think I will have to try a bigger aqua garden for seeds next winter. If anyone has tips for making an aqua garden & wants to share any suggestions with me – I’d appreciate it!

The next few months I’ll be day dreaming about digging in my garden & counting down the days until spring as I snuggle under my blanket drinking my coffee (98 days to go). 😁


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