Essential Oils – My Top 10 Favorites

I’ve been using essential oils for many years. I’ve noticed more people are using them for aromatherapy. Did you know these oils can be used throughout your day to aid in lots of areas of the home. Used in combination with other oils or with coconut or olive oil, they have many health benefits.

Here’s my top 10 list of favorite essential oils.

  1. Lavender oil – helps calm and reduce anxiety – Sprinkle a few drops on your pillow to help you fall asleep. When we’re babysitting the grandchildren, we put a couple drops in the evening bath water to calm them before going to sleep. I have put a few drops in my homemade lip balm (recipe is available in my previous post Coconut Oil Products You Can Make at Home – saving you $$). A spray of water & lavender oil to clean yoga mats & relax you as you do yoga.
  2. Oregano oil – We’ve just started using oregano oil after reading about the benefits of using it. So far we’ve mixed oregano oil with olive oil or coconut oil and used it as a body rub for aches. Rubbing it on the bottom of feet help relax after a long day. Using Oregano oil in a diffuser gives the room a comforting smell.
  3. Tea tree oil – I’ve been using tea tree oil for many years & love it! A few drops in bath water to help with coughs, use in homemade insect repellent, use a few drops in coconut oil deodorant (recipe is available in my previous post Coconut Oil Products You Can Make at Home – saving you $$). It can be used throughout your home added to water to clean. There are so many ways to use this oil.
  4. Lemon oil – A few drops in the dishwasher and have a spot free rinse. Lemon oil mixed with tea tree oil gets rid of smelly shoe odor and make an all-natural disinfect cleaning spray. Diffusing lemon can lift moods and fight depression. A few drops can remove residue left from stickers.
  5. Clove oil – Lowers stress, treats infections, fight acne, boost immune system, reduce toothaches – the same as other oils, clove oil should be diluted before use. Applying a mixture of coconut oil or olive oil and clove oil and rubbed on your neck or forehead can relieve headache pain. Dip a cotton swab in clove oil and rub on sore tooth.
  6. Frankincense oil – I like this oil mostly for the smell. I find it calming and relaxing as it circulates around the room. Recently I’ve read it helps with weight, metabolic issues and inflammation.
  7. Sandalwood oil – Used for antiseptic, antiviral, anti-anxiety. A few drops added to water and use for cleaning our house. I like to use this in rotation with the other oils to clean and give our house a nice smell. The calming effect works great if someone is stressed.
  8. Eucalyptus oil – Sinus decongestant, muscle pain reliever, asthma relief. Adding drops to hot water and inhaling the steam helps to clear sinuses. This smell always reminds me of my Grandmother and her using it when anyone was sick.
  9. Cedarwood oil – Cough & tension relief, improves focus. I’ve always liked this oil for its pleasant wood scent. It also has a calming effect on people. I read it helps people to focus and is suggested for people with ADHD.
  10. Peppermint oil – Mouth rinse, add to homemade toothpaste, relieves muscle, joint & headaches, bath soak. Can be added to smoothies or any other food for added flavor.

There are so many essential oils to choose from and all the oils have many benefits. I hope this list of my favorite oils helps you decide to use them in different ways all around your home.

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