Ice Fishing

Nothing beats eating fresh fried fish. Yummy! A fun winter activity we enjoy is ice fishing. Here in Manitoba are quite a few Fishing Derby’s. Mostly catch & release and prizes for the biggest catch. I have never been so lucky to catch any fish worthy of a prize.

Over the years ice fishing has gotten easier and so much more fun with advanced fishing supplies. I remember when I was a young girl going to the lake to fish. The fishing shacks were tiny buildings that people put out on the ice and left there all season. Now there are nylon pop-up ice shacks that are easy to set up and require little effort. These pop-up shacks don’t weigh very much and can be folded down small enough to fit in any vehicle. Easy enough to assemble by one person, usually my husband, Dean.

The only fishing gear needed is: auger (to drill the hole), fishing pole, hooks, collapsible chairs, pail (to take your fish home in). The pop-up fishing shack keeps the wind and cold out but if you get chilled easily, like me, bringing a blanket or small propane heater is a good idea.

After the shack is up and the fishing hole has been drilled, the fun starts. By fun I mean eating the snacks and drinking the hot chocolate we’ve brought along. Ice fishing can be boring at times. We’ve sat for quite a while and caught nothing. Other times we’ve been lucky and got quite a few fish within a few minutes.

The ideal fish to catch is pickerel. That’s according to my husband and his family. Years ago they did commercial fishing and the tastiest fish they ever caught were pickerel. I can’t really tell the difference between the varieties of fish, but real fishermen like my husband and his family can.

After a fun day of fishing it’s time to go home and cook the fish. I leave the fish cleaning and gutting to the expert, Dean. He usually flavors the fish fillet with salt and pepper and a dusting of flour. He fries the fish in butter and only butter. According to Dean, butter gives the fish a nice flavor. I have to agree, it tastes so good.

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  1. Do you enjoy spear fishing as well in Manitoba? I find spearing way more fun than regular fishing -scared to examine that about myself……

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  2. Spear fishing isn’t something I’ve heard people doing around here. It sounds dangerous! I’ve never thought of it before but now I think I’ll look into it. 😁 Do you spear fish in the winter or is it mostly done in shallow water in the spring? It would definitely be much more active instead of sitting & holding a fishing line – waiting & waiting….


  3. Here in ND we spear fish all winter – yes in shallow water. The hole is larger of course. Mostly invasive species. Northern Pike, catfish, etc. Tons of fun!


    1. I’m definitely looking into it now. You may of started me on a new hobby! 😊

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