Getting rid of stuff & making money

This past week has been a big step for my husband Dean. He decided to get rid of a bunch of stuff around the yard. After carefully looking things over he made some choices.

First there was the pile for garbage. I have to tell you it was painful to watch Dean make his decision to throw things in the garbage pile. He would hold something in his hands, walk to the garbage pile about to throw it on top, stop and put it back in the garage, a few minutes later come out of the garage with another item, about to throw it on the pile, pause and go back in the garage. For a long time I didn’t think he would throw anything out. I know he thinks lots of his stuff is still usable. Key words are “he thinks”. Lots of stuff he can throw out are old rusted nails, empty pails that no one uses and pieces of wood. Dean thinks one day he might need some of these items and keeps all kinds of things. I’m not forcing him to get rid of his stuff, he wants to purge and live a minimalist lifestyle and has to get rid of stuff at his own pace. Eventually I left to let him figure what he wanted gone and what he was keeping.

A few hours later I returned and was surprised by what I saw. Not only had that pile of garbage grown into a little mountain, but he also had a list of a few bigger items he wanted to sell. I was shocked. I didn’t think he’d be that willing to get rid of things.

Our next step was taking pictures of the items to be sold and posting them online. Posting the items online took the longest. I was worried if it took too much longer Dean would change his mind and not want to sell the stuff. That didn’t happen. Once he saw those ads and how much money we could make, he was committed. The list of items for sale: camper, motorcycle, large camper fridge, tire rims and electric appliance mover. The ads got posted and then the calls for the items started.

Very quickly the camper was the first item to sell. It’s too bad we didn’t have more campers, we could have easily sold 50 of them. I found it interesting that people wanted to trade other items for the motorcycle. Some items were tires, doors, windows, guns, ski-dos, riding lawnmower and a car. I think the bartering was Dean’s favorite part of selling the motorcycle. He was thinking what the best trade to benefit him/us was. In the end he got a riding lawnmower and ski-do parts.

Overall it was a good week of purging. Dean’s on the right path for leading our minimalist lifestyle. Along with getting rid of a few items, Dean made some money for us, so that’s always a bonus!

Becoming a minimalist or not

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