Next step for the cabin – stove & chimney

Dean’s niece bought a new house and was moving into it so we decided we’d go visit and check it out. The house is older but in very good condition. She wanted to get rid of the wood burning stove that was left in the house so Dean offered to get it moved out for her. His hidden motive was that he wanted it for our cabin. Yes! It was the right size and would fit perfectly in our cabin. That stove was heavy and with a bit of work we got it out of her house and headed to our place. Until we were ready to get it into the cabin, we put it in a shed.

One day we had to go pick up a car from a small town a couple of hours away from our place. We got the car and were ready to go home when we decided to stop by a home improvement store. As we were looking around the store, we saw the perfect patio blocks to go under the stove and keep it off the wood floor. The tiles were exactly what we were looking for and if we hadn’t just “all of a sudden” decided to go into that store, we would never have found them.

The next day we put the tiles in the cabin and got that heavy stove in place.

My dad’s a carpenter and at job sites he’s been told to take “junk” off the site. Either taking things to the garbage dump or using it for himself. Years ago he was told to take chimney pipes off a site. The pipes were in very good condition so he took them home. They have been in his shed for about two years. When he found out we were looking for a chimney for our stove, he gave all those pipes to us.

Dean and I got advice from my dad about cutting a hole in the roof and wall for the stove pipes. We both measured the roof and wall for that hole and Dean cut out the piece. As usual I took pictures of Dean doing the work. He didn’t trust me using his sawz-all and did the cutting himself. He said it’s hard cutting through tin. I think he didn’t trust that I’d do it properly or that I’d break the blade. Anyways, we did a good job, the holes lined up and the pipe fit perfectly. Well, as perfectly as it could with two novice carpenters. We were happy with what we got done.

With everything in place we decided to try the stove out and built a fire. Dean made the fire and I cheered him on! That was our first fire in the stove and first fire in our cabin.

We were thrilled with all we’d accomplished so far. Getting our cabin finished was starting to fall into place and not costing us too much money.

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