When the grandsons come to visit

We’ve been blessed with babysitting our three grandsons on many occasions. Keeping these boys entertained and busy without relying on a tablet or iphone has been a challenge. The grandsons ages are – a three year old and four year old twins. These boys are smart and very fast. They can get hold of our electronic devices and have a YouTube video playing before we even know what’s happened. For the most part the three year old is very calm and mellow. He’s the easiest to have around out of all the kids. The twins on the other hand are a bit more work. They are a bit hyper and need to always be doing something. Or maybe it’s just when they are here. We’ve heard that when they go to their other grandparent’s house, they are very calm. We don’t believe that for one minute!

Those boys are obsessed with my cats. They always ask about the cats, “where are the kittys”, “have you fed the kittys”, “can we play with the kittys”. The grandsons playing with the cats will never happen. It’s almost like the cats can hear when the car of those boys turns down our driveway, the cats are gone! Once I held a cat for the boys to pet. The boys got excited and loud, and scared the cat. I ended up getting scratched, so never doing that again.

We’ve found the best way to keep the boys busy is by going outside. They got to ride in the bucket of the tractor and thought that was the coolest ride ever! They play in the sandbox and on the play structure, but the best place they like playing is in the ditches. Especially when the ditches are full of water. They had the best time driving one of their ride-on toys into the ditch water, over and over and over. Another fun game for them is us putting them onto a big round bale and they slide off.

Meal time is always entertaining as one or all of them wants to help cook the food. It’s so cute that they are interested in helping. We all know that will definitely change in a few years. At that young age they are quick to help clean up and get ready for bath time. Oh yes, bath time. Another fun time at our house because our tub has a “slide”. The tub has a small slope on the one side and they think it’s fun to slide down and bump into each other.

Before bedtime we like to watch one of their movies and relax. And we have to have popcorn. It’s just not a movie without the popcorn. As we’re sitting and watching the movie, us grandparents are drifting off to sleep but not the boys. They seem to get more energy and are wide awake after watching a show. Finally everyone’s asleep. Dean and I are exhausted from these little boys and are hoping they sleep in. Nah, that doesn’t happen. They are up early and hungry.

Having a visit from the grandsons is a fun time. Exhausting but fun. We wouldn’t trade it for anything.

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