Everyday Tips to Saving Money

The last few months we’ve become more aware of our spending and are cutting costs as much as we can. We’re also planning for retirement in a few years. We want a good retirement, not be struggling to live. Becoming minimalists and learning to live with less has been going well. Selling unwanted items and watching our spending has increased the amount we’ve been able to put towards our RRSP’s and other investments.

Here’s some ways we’ve saved money:

– setting a budget – as much as my husband hates this idea, it really keeps us on track

– cutting back on entertainment outings/expenses – instead of going to the theater and spending $50 for one movie, we’ve started using Netflix – $10.99/month

– selling stuff we didn’t use – over the last couple months we’ve almost made $3,000 selling items we haven’t used in years

– trying not to buy things that aren’t needed

– using the dryer less – hanging clothes on a drying rack

– using LED light bulbs

– turning lights off when not being used

– unplugging items when not in use

– using coupons and checking sales flyers before shopping – my husband has always done this and really enjoys the deals he gets shopping

– buying more generic foods – most brand name and generic foods taste the same but generic brands cost less (I still splurge on Heinz ketchup – Nothing tastes like Heinz!)

– use reusable grocery bags & not getting charged for plastic bags

– making pots of coffee and using travel mugs instead of buying coffee at fast food restaurants for work – $9.75 per week X 2 people = 19.50 X 1 month = Saving $78/month – that’s just for coffee once a day, add in the other coffees, drinks and lunches per day and we’re saving lots per month

– making our own laundry soap

– making our own cleaning solutions

– meal planning – cooking easy meals for supper instead of going out

– cut fast food outings to a minimum per month

– no spend weekends – this can be a hard one as it’s spring now and lots of garage sales, but before spending we ask ourselves “do we really need this?”

– doing more DIY gifts – getting creative for gifts has been a challenge and fun

Goals for future saving:

– using cash instead of credit cards – I’ve read that using cash instead of credit cards decreases spending and this is something we need to try

– plan better meals and better use of leftovers – the idea for this is to go shopping for the week and plan the meals and not have to go to a grocery store every day for spontaneous items

We’ve noticed our hydro consumption has gone down with these simple money-saving ideas and are motivated to continue using less hydro. Saving money by eating out less and not buying coffee for work also puts a dent in the spending. The little changes add up and can save lots of money.

To start it was hard not stopping for coffee every morning or not getting everything we want, but over time it’s gotten easier. Also seeing more money in our account is a big motivator to spend less!

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  1. simplywendi says:

    love reading your money saving tips, thank you!

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    1. Thanks! I’m glad you liked it. The biggest money saver was not buying coffee & meals/snacks at work. All that adds up. Have a great day! 😁

      Liked by 1 person

      1. simplywendi says:

        Yes, it does………..thank you for sharing your tips!

        Liked by 1 person

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