Spring is Here!

It’s been two months since I planted some vegetable and flower seeds. I planted tomatoes, pumpkins, broccoli, sweet peppers, jalapenos, cucumbers and wave petunias. I planted the veggies seeds in soil and planted the petunias in my Areogarden. The broccoli plants aren’t growing very well but I’m hopeful they will have a growth spurt and grow a bit more in the next month. I’m very happy with how good the cucumbers and tomatoes are growing and can’t wait for fall to make relish and pasta sauce.

These plants have taken up a lot of room in our dining room. I’ve been using the dining room as my “green house” for years. We have two outdoor greenhouses and can easily put them together but the weather was still cold outside two months ago and we were worried the plastic surround would get too cold, crack and be ruined. For a few more weeks the plants will be in the house.

The petunias in the Areogarden have grown so good. I think next year I’ll grown more plants in the hydroponic garden.

With the seeds growing, the next step is planning the garden. I have a book that I write in all the seeds I’m planting for the year and I draw a picture of where the plants will go in the garden. Each year I look at the previous years’ picture and rotate where I’ll be planting everything. Crop rotation is important even in a small garden!

The weather has just started to get warmer and that means we’ll be outside getting the garden ready for planting. My husband has started tilling the garden with compost and peat moss. We won’t plant the garden until after the first new moon in June. After the new moon there shouldn’t be any chance of frost or be too cold of weather for the plants in the garden. Lots of people plant their gardens on the May long weekend but we don’t. In previous years there has been snow or really cold temperatures over that weekend and we don’t want to have to replant the garden if plants freeze.

Spring is a wonderful time of year. All the perennials popping up out of the earth. It’s also like a clean slate every year to try a new planting idea or just to move plants around. I just can’t wait to get outside and into the garden!

Happy gardening everyone!

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  1. Love garden planting time – its such a hopeful time of year!

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