Poison Ivy – the bane of my existence!

Spring is here and I love it! This time of year is always difficult for me because of the poison ivy. When I was growing up on our farm, poison ivy wasn’t a problem. Us kids played in the forest all the time and we weren’t affected by that little plant. Over twenty some years later that little plant is the bane of my existence!

Since moving from the city to this beautiful acreage seven years ago, that plant seems to have it out for me. That first spring/summer was awful. I was cleaning up an area in the forest, raking leaves and cutting down old tree branches. I had an itchy spot on my arm and of course thought nothing of it and scratched. I scratched and scratched and soon noticed blisters all over my arms and legs. My husband realized what it was and told me it was poison ivy. The more it’s scratched, the more it spreads. I tried so hard not to scratch it and stop the rash from spreading but I was going crazy from it being so itchy. I finally got medicated ointment from the doctor and felt so relieved. The doctor told me that I should expect to get a poison ivy rash every year since it was in my system now. I have to tell you that I wasn’t looking forward to getting the rash every year and was hoping there would be a cure for it. There is no cure. I can use doctor prescribed ointments or homemade remedies. My mother-in-law told me that years ago people would eat the poison ivy or make tea from the leaves and be immune to it. I’m not sure I totally trust that cure. I don’t know if I want to take the chance of getting severely sick from that poisonous plant.

This time of year if I want to go near the forest I am covered from head to toe. Just my face is sticking out and I make sure nothing touches it. If I notice any little spot on my body I’m quickly putting something on it so it won’t spread into a horrible rash. It seems like that little plant senses I’m outside and poof, I have a rash!

If it isn’t poison ivy, it’s mosquitoes. I just can’t seem to win.

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Adventures Living on an Acreage – going to the garbage dump

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  1. Poison Ivy to me is akin to quick sand. I always thought it would be a bigger issue in life than it is. I think I’ve came across it once many moons ago as a girl scout. Mosquitoes on the other hand….I’m a magnet!


  2. Oh yes, those darn mosquitoes! Not a peaceful moment with them around. Last year wasn’t terribly bad with those blood sucking annoyances. I’m hoping with it being so dry this year, there won’t be too many around. Keeping my fingers crossed! 🙂


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