The Never Ending Summer Task – Grass Cutting

We’ve waited so many months for this nice weather and it’s finally here. With the nice weather comes the dreaded grass cutting. The task that never seems to end!

Since we live on an acreage the amount of grass to cut is much more than the average city lot. I remember those days of living in the city and getting my yard work done in a few hours. Done! All of it, grass cut, weeds pulled and all the plants watered. Out here it takes hours to cut the grass and more time after that to weed the garden and water everything.

We did have horses that kept the grass short but they got older and died. We’ve talked about getting some kind of animal but can’t decide on what type we want. Should we get more horses or donkeys, cows or maybe goats and sheep. Such a big decision.

With the horses gone we have to cut the grass they used to eat and that means more time spent cutting grass. My husband has taken down fences and knocked down trees adding to the amount of grass to cut. All this grass needs to be cut so it doesn’t get tall, dry out and cause fires. It’s been a dry spring and the amount of brush fires in this area has been up from previous years. Everyone’s been doing their part in keeping the area cleaned up of dried grass and trees that could cause the spread of fire and destroy farm buildings and loss of livestock.

We cut our grass on Tuesday and by Friday you’d have guessed it wasn’t cut, it grows so fast. I wish the vegetables grew at the same rate as the grass. If it did we’d have some amazing veggies!

Sometimes cutting grass can be relaxing. Driving around and around with the headphones on listening to music. Other times grass cutting is annoying with the bugs and dust getting all over.

As I’m writing this I look out the window and can see the grass growing. I should stop putting it off and get out there and get it cut. Oh the fun of yard maintenance!

Adventures living on an Acreage – my first attempt to haul a trailer

Adventures Living on an Acreage – going to the garbage dump


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