How camping has changed over the years

I love camping. I think my love for camping started when I was a young girl.

Growing up on the farm we were always busy. We were much busier in the summer since we weren’t in school and able to help our parents around the farm. We had to help with gardening, canning, feeding and cleaning up after the livestock and any extra chores our parents wanted us to do. We’d work long days with our parents and usually only have Sunday as a day we didn’t do anything other than go to church. Sometimes but not very often, we’d go to the beach.

My dad’s sister lived about a three hour drive from us and back then our families didn’t see each other often. Maybe twice a year for Easter and Christmas. One summer she suggested we all go camping. That would have been our first time camping. It was great! We were able to leave the farm early Saturday and return Sunday just after supper time.

It was so much fun seeing our cousins and playing on the play structure, splashing in the water and eating camping food. Sitting around the campfire and roasting marshmallows was lots of fun with my uncle telling scary stories. We slept in sleeping bags in the tents and spent a lot of time being silly kids. Lots of great memories of that camping trip.

I got older and thought it would be fun to take my boys camping. We met up with a friend of mine and her kids at a great campground in Saskatchewan. We set-up the tents and sleeping bags while all the kids helped us. We had fun at the beach, water park, and ate yummy food while we sat around the campfire.

After I got married to Dean we decided to go away on a camping trip as our honeymoon. I had my tent and sleeping bag all ready to go, awaiting our adventure. I was in for a surprise because Dean’s idea of camping isn’t in a tent, he likes to camp in a camper. Wow! That camping trip was much more comfortable because we slept in a bed and had a bathroom to use inside instead of going out into the dark.

This year Dean has upgraded our camper. The camper is like an apartment. A nice bathroom with a full shower, lots of cupboards, queen size bed and full kitchen. Did I mention it has air conditioning! That was definitely something Dean wanted in a camper. I do appreciate the comfy bed to sleep in as Dean and I both have bad back issues and can’t easily sleep on the ground.

When we camp now, we take the grandchildren with us. It’s lots of fun with some usual camping traditions like roasting wieners, marshmallows and telling not too scary stories. The grand-kids sleep in comfy beds and fall asleep as they watch movies on their tablets.

It’s interesting how my camping experiences have changed over the years. As a young girl I never would have imagined how lavish camping would become. I was so happy to be off the farm and away from the work we did, sleeping on the ground seemed like so much fun.

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  1. Lifetime Chicago says:

    My back is not the best…no sleeping bags for me..I love the way you shared your first experiences


    1. Thanks 😁 it was fun to recall all these memories.


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