Change of habit when the hydro bill is over budget

I went to visit my boys for a few days last week. It’s always fun visiting with them. Catching up on what’s going on in their lives, cooking for them and of course cleaning. I have to say their cleaning skills have gotten much better now that they are young men!

I was at my youngest son’s apartment one day when he got his mail. He was opening a letter and all I heard was “100 bucks, no way” and he quickly ran and shut off his air conditioner. He had opened his hydro bill and for one month it was $100. Way over his budget for the month. The only difference from previous months was that he was using the air conditioner every day.

I did notice his place was too cold for my liking. At home we have central air and my husband likes to be cool all the time. I like to be warm, even in the summer. I’m cold all the time so I go outside to warm up. This was the same at my son’s place, I’d go outside to warm up.

Since my son is on a budget, he wanted the air conditioner to be off and wanted other ways of keeping the place cool. I noticed he had aluminum foil on his windows to keep the heat out. He also put up black-out curtains on the big living room window. He had some good ideas to block the sun and it’s heat from getting into his place. If I remember correctly, a few years ago I gave him suggestions to keep the heat out. It was nice to see he was using some of my suggestions.

I asked him what else he was doing to keep the place cool and some of his ideas were; turning off the lights when he wasn’t in a room (funny how when he was a kid he had a hard time doing this) and taking cool short showers (yep, I remember telling him this as a kid also).

It’s interesting that when it’s his money that’s being spent, how quickly habits change.

I’m back home now and my son is still finding ways to stay cool without using the air conditioner. He sent me this picture of his own homemade “air conditioner”.

He put a fan on a chair and propped up a frozen ice pack in front of it. Turned on the fan and cool air is being blown around the room. He moves this set up to whatever room he’s in at the time and feels cool. He has also stopped running the dishwasher and washes dishes by hand since the dishwasher gives off heat from the hot water setting. Oh, and he opens the windows at night to get a cool breeze blowing into his apartment.

Hopefully with all these changes his hydro bill will be lower next month. Summer is almost over so there isn’t much need for the air conditioner since the days aren’t as hot anymore. Such a sad thought – summer is almost over. It seems to go by faster and faster every year.

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